Life Saver Headband


Designed by solmama July 2008

Any worsted weight 100% cotton yarn
I used Peaches & Creme Olive
Size US 7 needles
tapestry needle


CO 15 stitches or # of stitches divisible by 2 + 1

Knit 5 Rows

Row 6: *p2tog, yo, repeat from * until the last stitch, p1

Row 7-9: Knit

Row 10: Purl

Row 11-13: Knit

Repeat Rows 6 – 13 until the headband measures about 15 inches, depending on the size of your noggin. You want the headband to stretch and be a little tight.

Bind off.

Sew the cast on edge to the bind off edge.




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2 responses to “Life Saver Headband

  1. Very nice. I just found your blog from a dish cloth that I clicked on in one of the Ravelry groups.

    I love all your work.

    I would be grateful if you listed your archived posts.

    ~ Peace

  2. OOh! Very pretty! I’m going to have to add this to my list of projects

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