The Addictive Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket - Test Knit I - 04
Designed by solmama April 2009

After knitting Mimi Davis’ One Row Blanket De La Harlot and finding out that a good number of my friends have babies on the way, I was inspired to write my own baby blanket pattern. I wanted an easy stitch pattern to remember that looked pretty with both solid and variegated yarns, so I looked at all of the beautiful ravelry FOs for my Slide Step Rib Cloth. This blanket pattern was born. Knit by my fantastic test knitter and editor Anne 😀 You can check her out on ravelry as annesknitting. She gave me the best compliment by test knitting the pattern more than once because she liked it so much. Thanks Anne!

The Addictive Baby Blanket pdf

Bulky yarn or two strands of worsted weight held together as one
Anne knit the pictured test knit with 2 strands of Caron Simply Soft – Plum Wine held together as one. She used six 6 oz skeins to create a blanket about 38 inches by 48 inches.
US 13 circular needles 29″ long or so to accommodate for all of the stitches
tapestry needle

Special Instructions:

Slip all stitches purlwise

yif = with yarn in front

yib = with yarn in back


Cast on 120 stitches or # of stitches divisible by 6
Do not connect in the round. Knit back and forth as you would on straight needles.

Row 1: *P3, yif, sl 1, yib, K1, yif, sl 1, repeat from * to the end of the row

Row 2: *P3, K3, repeat from * to the end of the row

Row 3: *P3, K1, yif, sl 1, yib, K1, repeat from * to the end of the row

Repeat these 3 rows until desired length.

BO on a Row 2 in pattern.

Weave in Ends.

Anne’s decorative edge edit:
cast on 122 stitches
every row – slip first stitch purl-wise, work in pattern to last stitch, knit last stitch.


Pictured below is the version I knit with Hobby Lobby I Love this Yarn! in Meadow Ombre. I used six skeins.




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32 responses to “The Addictive Baby Blanket

  1. napabelle

    Thanks for the pattern. I just started and will send you a pic when done. I enjoy the ribbing…

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  3. I learned to knit about 13 years ago. I’ve picked it back up recently, teaching myself by doing research and just practicing. I’m excited to try this pattern! I was just wondering why this was knit using circular needles, since it is not knit in a round. Is it just because it is so large that it is easier to find circular needles long enough?

  4. This is an awesome looking blanket, and I can’t wait to try it for several baby blankets I am making for friends grandbabies. I have bought Bernat’s pipsqeak yarn which feels so yummy! The balls are 100 g/3.5 oz. and bulky yarn. Can you tell me how many balls of this yarn I need. and if I should stick with their recommendations of size 9 needles to make your baby blanket?

    • solmama

      Thanks for choosing my pattern to share the love with your friends’ grandbabies 🙂 I hope you have fun making it! I am unfamiliar with this yarn, but it sounds yummy. I checked on to see what needle size other knitters had used to make blankets with pipsqueak, and most of them used US size 13 needles. I would do the same.

  5. Oh my goodness. This looks so comfy! Wish me luck, will send picture when done. Thank you !

  6. Oh goodie! I finally found a pattern that I want to use for my Moda Dea Dream yarn. Hopefully it turns out! I’m still quite the beginner. Just wondering if you could explain the decorative edge part to me since I am pretty new at this. So you cast off the stitches from the blanket first and then start over by casting on stitches again? Then what? How do I attach the edging to the blanket?

  7. solmama

    No problem! When starting the blanket cast on 122 stitches instead of 120. At the beginning of every row slip the first stitch purl-wise, work in pattern to last stitch, knit last stitch. HTH 😀 Welcome to the world of knitting!

  8. I am getting ready to do this for my best friend’s son and his wife who are expecting a baby in May. Saw that Anne use the Simply Soft using 2 strands. Did she use size 13 needles? Can’t wait to make it.

  9. jules127

    Hello. I love this pattern, and want to make it with Vanna White Baby which is a medium weight worsted yarn. It appears to be twice the width of the Caron Simply Soft so I am not sure how to proceed. I am afraid if I double it the blanket will be too bulky. If I use only one strand, I think the size 13 needle will leave the holes too large. Has anyone used only one strand and what size needle did they use to get the same dimensions? Thanks for any insight!

    • solmama

      The version I knit was with Hobby Lobby I Love this Yarn!, and it is similiar to Vanna’s Choice Baby. I held 2 strands together to achieve the size blanket in the bottom photo. I have given it away, so I can’t measure it for exact dimensions. If you choose to create a blanket with a single strand, I would use a US size 6-9 needle (4 – 5.5mm) and you should cast on more stitches. Keep in mind the number of stitches need to be divisible by 6. I hope this helps 😀 Happy knitting!

  10. I love this blanket; I’m making one now, and have another scheduled!

  11. I do not understand the direction YIF or YIB. Do I just put the yarn there or do I do a stitch?

    • solmama

      Here is a great instructional video. If you are still having problems after watching it, let me know. Happy knitting!

  12. I love this blanket!! I am making two currently. Thanks for sharing this pattern. I have been knitting for 2 yrs and enjoy trying out new patterns. This blanket is so nice to the touch. I love it. This is going to make perfect gifts for friends and family 🙂 I will send you pics when I am done 🙂


  13. Just started knitting a baby blanket using your pattern. It’s my first major projet since I taught myself to knit. After a couple of false starts, (using two yarns as one tripped me up for a while) I practiced the pattern using some yarn I had left from making a scarf. Using two contrasting yarns as one made some neat patterns. Here is a pic of the practice piece.

  14. hi there
    Love this pattern.
    Sorry, Our wool is done in ply so when you say bulky , what ply are you talking? 10 /12? And could I do it in a 6 or 7 mm needle (US 10/11 ) ?
    Also when you say 2 strands, then i could use 2 x 4-5 ply but different colours or the same colour ? and you use them together? My apologies, I can knit but I haven’t for ages and the american terminology is a little different, I think we use more British…..
    I shall eagerly await your reply and then I will dive in!!

  15. ok, i think, I get it now…your bulky is 12-14 ply and worsted 8-10ply…
    Would not 2 strands of worsted make it very bulky? It doesn’t look bulky.
    we tend to use 8 ply here, so would 2 x 8 ply be ok? still though on size 9 (13 us) needles?
    thanks again

    • solmama

      Glad to hear you like the pattern! I will try my best to help you out 🙂 Okay, the yarn I used for this blanket was 10 ply, and I held two strands of it together. This did not make the blanket bulky because using the US size 13 needles creates a very light feeling fabric, and the blanket is not extra big and bulky because it drapes similar to a ribbed fabric. Hope this helps! Also, you could play around with yarns and needle sizes to see what works for the finished product you desire. Just remember to cast on a number of stitches divisible by 6. Feel free to ask more questions, and now that the new year has arrived, I will be quicker to answer. Happy Knitting 🙂

  16. Hi,

    Thank you for such a wonderful pattern. I am starting it tonite!

    I had one question when it says to “bind off on a row 2” does that mean to finish row 2 and then bind off or does that mean finish row 1 and then bind off following the pattern for row 2.

    Thanks so much for your time!

    • solmama

      No worries! Always glad to help 🙂
      It means finish row 1 and then bind off following the pattern for row 2.
      Hope you enjoy the pattern!

  17. Just a little tip: I started this by starting on row 2: p3, k3. that way i had i good base to start on when i started slipping stitches. It also made it easier to keep the pattern 🙂

  18. I really like this pattern. I made one baby blanket and now I’m using the pattern to make rugs out of t-shirt yarn. I’ll post a picture soon on my blog.

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