The Indestructible Hope Cloth

Breast Cancer 005

Designed by solmama and tested by the amazing Carla Schwartz June 2009

UPDATE! November 2010
This pattern and calendar had become out-of-print, but now they are back 😀 You can order them through Fitter Knitter.The complete calendar is available for a donation of $18 to the Army of Women, in support for breast cancer research.

I had the honor of designing a cloth for the 2010 Calendar of Hope. You can buy my design, as well as 13 other hopeful designs for charity at the shop. You can also buy last year’s calendar, too. Help spread the hope!


Where do your donations go?
“All profits made from items sold on are donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. We hope to raise at least $300 each month for the CBCF. We donate all profit made from this website directly to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation via their online donation service. Profits are all gross monies made from all sales on the site minus operating costs (website design & maintenance, website hosting, wholesale costs). The beauty of Knit Pink is that we are solely an online charity and therefore have very low operating costs. Currently, our average operating cost per month is less than $30.00. As of August 1, 2009, we have donated $2006.00 towards the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.”


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