I am a woman, wife and mama. Crocheting and knitting keep me sane in this crazy world. All seems good when my fingers are throwing the yarn around a hook or a needle.

The pic at the top of this blog is my FO of Stephanie Haberman’s Leftover Towel pattern in Lily Sugar’n Cream country side ombre.


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  1. laurelbut

    Hi – love you dish cloths and am trying to make the Playful Plaid, but having a problem between Rows 7 & 8 when I’m trying to go from the contrasting color to the main color. It seems the thread with the main color that I need to use on Row 8 is at the other end of the needle. Someone told me to carry the color up, but when would I do that or how do I do it without using it to knit? I’m probably the only one who has ever had a problem with this! Hope you can help.

  2. solmama

    I am glad that you asked this question because I am sure there are others having the same problem. First, I would watch the video link I posted for carrying the color up the side. The working yarn should be knit back and forth while the non-working yarn stays put at one end. Starting with Row 7 you should “carry the MC up the side” while knitting with the CC. Rows 7-12 should be knit with the CC. Hope this helps! 😀

  3. lindon

    hi – just wanted to let you know that I used one of your patterns to make into a baby blanket–the one you call a Christmas Dishcloth.
    You can see the baby blanket at the knitting forum:
    Thanks for your inspiration!
    : )Linda

  4. hi, I’m tring to print your addictive blanket pattern, it comes out all squished over to the side of the page with very tiny print. Is there a different way to print it, maybe you have a pdf? thank you!

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